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So they Liked your page? How to bring them back.

This article has six steps (advised by Wildfire Interactive in an article by Courtney Rubin) leading towards repeat visits to your Facebook business page from people who have Liked it.

Because it’s not just about being Liked once, it’s about being liked so that someone visits often. That’s how a relationship with Facebook fans begins to develop.


Fewer hashtags + optimal times = engage on Twitter

Counter-intuition. That’s what I experienced when I learned how more tweets and more hashtags reduce Twitter engagement.

Courtney Rubin’s article on American Express Open Forum shares the research findings that Buddy Media got from 320 brands’ tweets.

If you’re on Twitter and tweeting about your or your clients’ news, this article is a must read.


Make the clock work for you w/Facebook & Twitter

At Kinney Group Creative, we create and manage all forms of media for clients. And Facebook and Twitter play important roles. When you manage your posts and tweets - and your client’s! - effectively, clickthrough can lead to breakthrough.

So knowing when to make people aware of the newest and hottest is key. Peak traffic times are not what you expect. Courtney Rubin captured this well. You post things you want people to click and experience completely. It’s that interaction that makes the difference for your brand, product and service. did research that can guide you.

Twitter: most clickthroughs occur between 1 & 3pm Monday through Thursday.

Facebook: total highest number of clickthroughs are at 3pm on Wednesdays from links posted between 1& 4pm. While traffic increases after 9am, wait to post until 11am.